Industrial Command and Control Systems in the Age of COVID-19

Yehuda Eilon

Recent developments and innovations allowed the development of advanced augmented reality-based Command and Control systems for various production processes. Read more >

Cyber security in enterprise operational systems: threats and trends

Yehuda Eilon

Communication and connectivity capabilities between systems and infrastructure have burgeoned over the past decades to a very great degree. Read more >

Real-time location tracking system based on BLE4/5 Mesh technology

Meptagon, APS & L-control have collaborated in an innovative solution to track employees’ location inside the new Tel-Aviv Light Rail stations during constructions. Read more >


Professional Development and Advancement in an Organization

Sophia Biton

The world of employment is changing and employees’ loyalty and sense of belonging to their organization are definitely on the wane. Read more >


Constructing industrial facilities: EPC vs. EPCM

Eyal Leshem

The predominant project management approach used to champion keeping the consulting party separate from the constructing party. Read more >

Industrial Control Systems in a Nutshell

Eyal Leshem

The nitroglycerin plant, that Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite, built in 1870 was probably the most dangerous factory in the world at the time. Read more >