How will you protect the operating systems in the age of increasing Cyber-attacks?

As part of understanding the processes applicable to the operating systems in the industrial market, Meptagon Group provides unique solutions for Cyber detection and monitoring, through the SOC-OT service at the core of manufacturing processes in the industry.

These services are based on over 60 years of experience in the industry, specialization in control systems, automation & innovation and extensive knowledge accumulated in the Cyber security space.

Your challenge

In an age when the connection between the production floor and the organizational management systems is becoming a daily reality, the vulnerability and exposure of the production systems, which are managed through controllers, is becoming critical.

At stake: the company’s reputation, employee efficiency, loss of valuable time & money and in cases of manufacturers in the food and pharma areas, impact on public health.


Our solution

Meptagon Group’s Advanced Technologies Division specializes in combining industry automation with process monitoring and protection.

This unique combination provides:

Real-time alerts before intrusion damage becomes irreversible

Effective and focused protection at core processes points

Monitoring and learning the moves and timings of the attacker

Monitoring planted traps in advance and manage the attack elimination efforts

Up-to-date monitoring, training of analysts including practice, ongoing maintenance

Covering a wide range of areas, nodes and potential grip points for the attacker

Combination of digital data and physical data obtained directly from the machines - in the world of electrical and physical signals the attacker has no ability to deceive or lie, the electrical signals are produced by the process itself and therefore any disruption in the process, whether as a result of a Cyber-attack or as a result of a "normal" disruption, will be reflected in the electrical signals, which are monitored

After detecting an attempted attack on the production process, addressing the vulnerability which allows the attack and eliminating the ability to attack in the detected way

Solution and the process

1. Management

Managing a cyber event to eliminate an attack and credit the systems from its remains.

2. Traffic monitoring

Monitoring digital control network traffic using advanced detection technologies

3. Signal monitoring

Monitoring electrical signals provided by production process machines

4. Implementation

Implementing "floating" monitoring tools above systems and not "in a column" (process is not interfered)

OT Cyber-attacks damage cost is huge, therefore, protecting OT systems is critical for the survivability of an organization’s operation systems.

Do not take any unnecessary risk!

For more information: Yehuda Ayalon, Head of Cyber Security,