Meet Meptagon

Meptagon Group provides a one stop shop for the industry’s needs and integrated project services. We execute multi-disciplinary turnkey projects worldwide, through our five divisions:


  • Management
  • Design & Engineering
  • Contracting
  • Agencies
  • Subsidiaries


Meptagon employs more than 450 people with various skills. Each division in the group has unique requirements and employees are carefully selected in order to complete their tasks meticulously. However, the ability to share knowledge among employees and further enrich the capabilities of their peers is a core strength of Meptagon Group, which is unmatched in the industrial world today. Meptagon’s employees are our, and our customers, most important resource. Every day our employees serve our customers in a loyal, professional and fair manner, in order to fulfill the company’s vision.
With its strong customer-focused orientation, Meptagon delivers creative and customized solutions for varying technological and commercial requirements. The capability to deliver all of these services with single-point responsibility in a timely, professional and cost-effective manner, together with first-class quality and safety requirements, have resulted in many successful projects that often surpass customer expectations. It’s no wonder that around 90 percent of Meptagon Group’s projects are initiated by returningcustomers.


Through half a century of exceptional performance, Meptagon has earned an international reputation as the premier provider of industrial process systems and contracting services for customers in various locations.

Since 1960, Meptagon has provided engineering, equipment and contracting services for a broad range of market segments in the process industry. Meptagon’s customers include the pioneers and leaders in a wide range of process industries.


Since its establishment, Meptagon has secured its market leadership among service providers. With a strategy for sustained growth and expansion, the company motivates its employees towards continuous improvement through personal involvement of senior management.

This unique managerial approach is based on unrivalled professionalism, teamwork, friendship and mutual respect, which serve as an example to other employees, customers and suppliers.

As one of the market leaders, Meptagon intends to become a major provider of process and mechanical systems for the engineering and manufacturing industries. Our success is driven by delivering innovative solutions for technology, process and contracting challenges, taking into account safety, quality, schedule and budgetary requirements, through continuous improvement, exceptional teamwork and world-class performance.

Meptagon strives to continue being the vendor of choice for its customers, a fair and honest customer to its suppliers, and the employer of choice for its employees.

Meptagon’s strategy for sustained growth is to continue its development and expansion locally and internationally, while offering unique solutions for unique customer requirements.


1960 - 1983

From humble beginnings, the MMD company started as an Instrument and Control contractor


1983 - 1997

Growing & making an impact, the MMD company expanded its services by adding a mechanical division and beginning to operate in different countries around the globe. Meptagon earned acclaim from its customers and became recognized as a trustworthy, reliable company.


1997 - 2003

Joining forces to lead the market, Kinetics US and MMD Israel sign a JV to establish a powerful contractor in the field of semiconductor fabrication.


2004 - 2010

Joining forces becomes one, Kinetics US buy MMD, becoming a 100% owner. The Israeli team open a branch in Switzerland and company strengthens its position in the global market.


2010 - 2013

Independent! The five directors of the board buy 100% of the israeli branch.


Today - 2013

Tomer Harari, son of the MMD founder, buys out the shares from the other 4 partners. The company become a group, expanding the business and changing its name to Meptagon: Mechanical Electrical Process and pentagon for the 5 division:

Design & Engineering, Contracting, Management, Agencies, Subsidiaries.