Meptagon contracting division is a market leader, and sets the highest standards among customers and competitors. It is therefore not surprising that 90% of our customers are repeat customers. With more than 60 years of experience, Meptagon has carried out a wide range of electro-mechanical contracting projects in different process industries and has accumulated knowledge which has proven valuable in contributing to the success of the each one of Meptagon’s projects. A critical part of our project delivery approach is the ability to assemble the various components on site and connect them into a complete process system ready for use.

With an unsurpassed record for adherence to safety and quality, Meptagon believes in the safety of our workers as a first priority and hence does not compromise on accident and injury prevention, or environmental protection compliance for profit or production. Quality is ensured through well-defined, stringent standard operating procedures (SOPs). The major portions of the project are installed by our own I-house experts.

The following are our specialties:

High Purity Systems

Meptagon High Purity Systems is a leader in the installation and manufacturing of clean systems.
Meptagon specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of high purity gas, chemical and DI water systems to any required purity level.

We take pride in the fact that we only make use of cost-effective, high-quality materials and components, selected from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Our teams are comprised of highly qualified management, engineers and site staff, leading challenging projects to the highest quality standards.

From concept to start-up, Meptagon serves industries such as the semiconductor industry, chemical manufacturing, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and laboratories.
Examples of systems provided:

  • Gas delivery systems
  • Vacuum systems
  • Process gas control systems
  • Multi-point distribution systems for both gas and vacuum
  • Process gas recovery systems
  • Water for Injection Systems (WFI)
  • Pure Water skids (PW)
  • Solvent and chemical cabinets

Mechanical and Piping

Over the years, we have become a true partner to our clients. For the many plants we have built, we have remained the permanent in-house contractor, providing maintenance services as well as production process upgrades.
Wherever there is a process, we can provide a complete solution for piping, equipment installation and prefabrication. Our clients benefit from our understanding of their processes, leading to a reduction of construction schedules and costs from the planning stage through to start-up and commissioning.
Areas of expertise:• Microelectronics – production of HP piping by means of orbital welding while assuring cleanliness throughout the process.
• Biotechnology & pharmaceutical – orbital welding, with full documentation tracking the construction process and materials, in accordance with FDA, EMA & cGMP standards.
• Food & beverage – installation of piping and special equipment which meet industry standards.
• Desalination – a unique capability in the manufacture of manifolds. Our process uses butt welded manifolds, minimizing pipe distortion and resulting in a higher quality weld.
• Natural gas conversion & energy production – full compliance with IGID as well as ISO 3834 certification.Meptagon has all required welding certifications. We specialize in all current piping types such as stainless steel (high & low purity), Teflon (high & low purity), PVDF (high & low purity), 254-SMO, carbon steel, Polypropylene, PVC, HDPE and others.

Electrical, Instrumentation and Control

Meptagon provides a wide range of services for electrical, instrumentation and control projects in the process industry. We serve industrial plants from design and construction to start up and commissioning.

Electrical projects include high & low voltage, infrastructure for all types of wiring and cable laying, motor and secondary frequency connections, interior and exterior lighting, installation of electric panels and installation of any type of explosion-proof equipment.Instrumentation projects include infrastructure for all types of wiring and cable laying, calibration and installation of equipment, and installation of JB and solenoid panels. We provide services in explosive environments, including plant ISO-compliant calibration performed on site, using advanced explosion-proof calibration equipment.Control projects include construction and design of control panels, SCADA software and integration services.




Agan Electrical


Solar Energy

Meptagon Group is a one-stop solution provider for the industry needs and integrated project services, from design to execution.

The worldwide multi-disciplinary turnkey project services comply with all relevant international standards.

Meptagon Group’s ability to be a single-point responsibility provider and to deliver its world-class quality services in a timely, professional and cost-effective manner, while adhering to the most stringent safety requirements, have resulted in successful completion of a broad variety of projects, often surpassing customers’ expectations.

In the solar energy field, we offer an extensive solution portfolio:

  • Consulting, characterization and design of various solar systems according to the customer’s and environmental requirements
  • Establishment of solar energy facilities using EPC & EPCM methodologies
  • BOT financing for solar projects
  • Dealing with regulatory requirements, approvals and permits
  • System optimization through meticulous choice of components
  • Meptagon Group handles the entire import-and-transportation cycle
  • Fully compliant with all quality and safety requirements
  • Ongoing maintenance during the warranty and post-warranty periods
  • Monitoring and operation of existing systems