Meptagon’s Advanced Technologies Division supplies a wide range of innovative solutions, specializing in security & low voltage systems, Cyber security for OT systems, and automation & control systems. We match every client with the unique solutions that suit their precise needs, combined with flexible work methods, including holistic and modular solutions.

  • Access Control: License plate recognition (LPR), Intercom Systems, Security systems, Facial recognition (FR), Biometric solutions, Electric fences
  • Camera Analytics: Video analytics, CCTV solutions, People and vehicle counting
  • LEA (Law Enforcement): Advanced investigation management system
  • Management and Command & Control Systems: Dedicated command & control software, Personnel dispatch and management systems, Command centers

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Integration of the world’s most advanced cyber security and monitoring technologies

  • Design and assembly of full-scale OT simulators, based on hardware, software and mechanical components, that illustrate a true high-pressure system controlled by an industrial controller (PLC) and an operator end-station (HMI), to demonstrate complexed cyber-attacks, explored by standard monitoring, detection and response commercial products

  • Design and construction of end-to-end cyber security solutions for complexed operational platforms and networks, focusing mainly on PLC’s HMI’s,  communication controllers, monitoring system and interconnection to organization’s IT assets

  • Integration of commercial, as well as dedicated technologies, to secure factory-based applications that require deep understanding in production floor procedures, in order to enhance factory resilience and robustness against cyber attacks

  • Assets review and risk assessment services

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Optimizing production processes, performing precise planning and implementation and improving performance

  • Instrumentation design and specification, software development for all types of control systems, commissioning and operation of facilities and production plants
  • Consulting and project management in the instrumentation and control field, budget estimates for feasibility testing
  • Maintenance and support for automation systems
  • Specialization in GAMP-compliant system planning and implementation
  • Specialization in GAMP-compliant system planning and implementation
  • Process automation projects under the turnkey method (with or without process planning)
  • Integration of MES and ERP management systems with the production floor
Noga Control systems from Meptagon Group: Noga control systems LTD

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