Advanced Technologies division provides tailored solutions for security systems, Automation, Process Control and Building Management Systems.

It specilizes in Cyber security solusions for OT systems.

Security systems, Command & Control software

The Security Systems department is an industry-leading integrator, providing design, execution and servicing for security and low voltage systems

Access Control systems: LPR, Intercom, IDS, Face Recognition & Biometric solutions
RTLS: Monitoring system for tracking people and objects using BLE and RFID technologies
Perimeter protection: Electronic fences, Short range radars & Drones
Management systems: Command & Control systems, security operations centers, dispatch systems to manage emergency & rescue forces
Video systems: CCTV solutions, video analytics, counting people and vehicles, recording and investigation innovative solution

Automation & Process Control

Meptagon’s Control & Automation Department specializes in developing process control and building management systems. The department also provides innovative solutions for Industry 4.0, as complementary means for increasing efficiency and improving industrial processes.

Control systems: A wide range of process control and automation systems, including PLC, DCS, HMI and SCADA
Building management system: BMS, Energy, Air conditioning & Fire detection, as well as integration with security systems
Industrial innovation: Designing & implementing Industry 4.0 solutions based on IIOT

Cyber security for operational systems

The Cyber security department design and integrate Cyber security solutions for industrial operational control systems, including professional surveys and consultation services.

Ignoring Cyber threats to inviting an attack.
The solutions we offer include:

Surveys and consultancy services: including integration solutions & risk assessment
Security operations center: SOC as a Service
Risk assessment and characterization of appropriate technological solutions: Fire Wall, IDS / IPS, Smart Diode, POAD – SIEM, SOC
Implementing cyber-based organizational processes
As of September 10th, Meptagon has received approval by the Private Security Authority in the following categories: Installer of Security Equipment (Access Control) Installer of Security Equipment (CCTV)