Advanced Technologies division provides tailored solutions for Security & Management systems, Automation & Control systems and specializes in Cyber security solutions for OT systems.

Security systems, Command & Control software

  • Access control systems, LPR, Intercom, IDS, Biometric & Face recognition systems
  • Perimeter solutions: electronic fence, short range radars and drones.
  • Management systems: command & control SW, Dispatch Management systems
  • CCTV solutions, video analytics, counting people and vehicles, recording and investigation innovative solution
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Mobile announcement systems
  • RTLS systems: Monitoring system for tracking people and objects using BLE and RFID technologies
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Automation & Control

  • Consulting services, project management, cost effective solutions to upgrade or change an existing system
  • Specializing in design Instrumentation and Control System, programming control systems including process and cleaning validations (protocols and execution) of facilities and factories
  • Maintenance and support for automation and control systems
  • Specialized in design & build of automation systems based on GAMP
  • Project engineering and Management for multi-disciplinary projects such as new plant building or adding new expansions to live, operational and existing plants
  • Integration of MES & ERP management systems

Noga Control systems from Meptagon Group: Noga control systems LTD

OT Cyber Security protection and monitoring by SOC-OT

  • SOC-OT: monitoring of critical processes of production & control systems
  • OT Cyber Security simulator & Test lab 
  • OT Cyber Security suitcase simulator
  • Immunity to monitoring fraud by direct reading of electrical and physical signals (“level 0”)
  • Unique IDS technology for OT systems
  • Secure and one-way connection to the 24/7 monitoring center, restricting communication to alerts only (without sensitive customer information)
  • Interface to the customer’s control network using isolators without any interruption or impact on it
  • Surveys and consultancy services: including integration solutions & risk assessment
  • Integration of Cyber OT technologies according to the customer needs
  • Sending real-time alerts to the customer according to the predefined anomalies

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