Values and Vision

Group’s Values:

  • Professionalism and excellence – Guaranteed by a professional approach, embraced by the entire group, which will not settle for less than the highest industry standard. We will always strive to improve performance and to lead in our area of expertise
  • Safety – Safety is the top priority in the group and is supported by company values and policies. Employees of the group are our most valuable asset so we must be absolutely sure that our work environment is free of hazards and employees are safe from accidental injury. 
  • Fairness and transparency – Establish and maintain trust with our surroundings based on integrity and good faith. We are guided by our customers’ needs and will work tirelessly to fulfill them, while meticulously maintaining a mutual climate of fairness. We act in good faith, unfailingly.
  • Quality – Meptagon Group runs a high-standard quality management system so that we can achieve the best possible quality standards for its customers, compliant with their requirements, and ensure a first rate product.
  • Accountability and reliability – We do the very best and go the extra mile to make sure we meet and exceed our obligations. Our employees and customers continue to choose us, because of what we are. We do more than claim to give our customers’ needs top priority; this is in fact what we do all the time.
  • Mutual Respect – We believe that mutual respect is fundamental to getting the best out of any one of us. Empowering the individual’s abilities guarantees the long-term success of our partners, customers, and group.
  • Team work – We value our team members’ contribution to achieving our joint vision. We share ideas, methods, and advice, and help each other grow professionally and personally.
  • Family values – Establish a group dynamic in which members, like a family, listen, identify, assist, share responsibility, and support each other. Our group traditions and history are part of us. We strive to become an active member of the community by contributing our capabilities to its growth. 
  • Sustainability – Increase long-term environmental, financial, and social wellness by applying an environmental approach to project management and promoting scientific development of renewable energy and environmental technologies. 
  • Innovate and initiate – Creatively pioneer novel pathways to our goals and continue to improve through ongoing research and learning. We reach for an opportunity, learn fast from successes then redefine our standards, inspire our surroundings, and consistently pursue advanced solutions.

Meptagon’s Vision:

Position Meptagon Group as the preferred international leader by its business partners, customers, and employees in all its areas of activity. At the same time, protect and enrich the environment, and empower its human capital as a strategic asset.


  • Establish Meptagon Group as the leading provider of integrative solutions in engineering, project execution, and providing service and maintenance.
  • Operate at the forefront of technology and adopt best available methodologies and tools to ensure our customers have effective solutions.
  • Empower and retain all ranks of our workforce by charting courses for professional development, training, and recognition, and by facilitating a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Responsible Business Alliance (Formerly the EICC) Code of Conduct

Meptagon Group LTD., is committed to actively implementing the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), formerly the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct, and requires its suppliers to do the same.

We are committed to meeting all of these expectations, standards, and continuous improvement because it is the right thing to do, consistent with Meptagon Group’s commitment to conduct all our business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism.

Tomer Harari