Monitoring of operating systems using SOC-OT

Unique Cyber monitoring solutions using SOC-OT services at the core of manufacturing processes in the industry.

Provided as part of the service:

24/7 monitoring of critical processes in the production & control systems of the customer

Immunity to monitoring fraud by direct reading of electrical and physical signals (“level 0”)

Interface to the customer's control network using isolators, without any interruption or impact on it

Detection of penetration characteristics in the SCADA network in combination with IDS technology

Secure and one-way connection to the 24/7 monitoring center, restricting communication to alerts only (without sensitive customer information)

Continuous supervision of skilled and trained controllers and analysts

Sending real-time alerts to the customer according to the predefined anomalies

Details of specific events in the customer's content world based on monitoring of all SOC-OT customers

Maintaining confidentiality for the customer and the control network, isolating them from other customers

Handling of a Cyber incident until it is over - investigated, lessons learned produced and loopholes closed

Sending a weekly report to the customer about findings and anomalies in the control network

Distinction between an anomaly resulting from a malfunction and one that originates in a Cyber-attack, in collaboration with the customer

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