SQUID - for a Digital Plant, in times of uncertainty

The squid, one of nature’s finest creatures, is known by its unique abilities: extremely high speed, tremendous flexibility and the ability to adapt to any situation.

A product of collaboration between the Meptagon Group, Matrix, and PTC, SQUID is an integrated system that incorporates the range of innovative solutions for real-time monitoring of key plant processes and complete automation of existing manufacturing processes. Much like the namesake marine animal, the SQUID system provides rapid, flexible response, as part of the comprehensive smart solution, well suited for uncertain times. For nearly 60 years, Meptagon Group has provided a comprehensive range of solutions for extensive variety of process industry segments, in Israel and worldwide. The group provides tailored services for dynamic technological and business needs, focusing on the “customer-first” approach.

Our system offers:

  • Significant cost savings and maximized efficiency
  • Real-time process optimization and production downtime prevention
  • Problem identification and process continuity
  • Fault prevention and preventive maintenance
  • An adaptable “Smart Plant”, to meet the challenges of constantly evolving technological landscape
  • Analytics
  • Smart warning include predictive behavior
  • Full protection against developing Cyber threats
  • Prediction, forecasting and smart alerting system

Case Study: IoT solution implementation at an international process company in the food industry

The company sought to streamline operational processes in a complex manufacturing environment. The pilot began with the lactic acid pumps.


The challenges

  • The pumps were running different recipes, which made their performance assessment a challenge
  • The company had no reliable way of mapping failure data to specific machine IDs due to problems with the ERP system
  • Within 6 months, we’ve designed a unified forecasting model

The implementation of ThingWorx Analytics platform resulted in the following:

  • A forecasting model was developed to anticipate pump failures and provide early warning
  • Four distinct patterns, leading to significant failure rates, were identified
  • Various models were developed in collaboration with the company engineer, resulting in improved manufacturing performance
  • A unique one-to-one model was implemented for each machine: one machine = one recipe

This innovative, unique solution is suitable for all Industry 4.0 engineering tiers.
As part of this collaboration, companies provide consulting, planning, and implementation of augmented reality-based services for IIoT solutions.

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