Real-time location tracking system based on BLE4/5 Mesh technology


Meptagon, APS & L-control have collaborated in an innovative solution to track employees’ location inside the new Tel-Aviv Light Rail stations during constructions.

The system is based on Low Energy 5.0 Bluetooth controllers developed and manufactured in Israel, located in designated areas to cover the entrances to each floor station and to enable continuous monitoring of the station. A comprehensive web-based software solution developed by L-Control displays the tracking data on a map UI under Meptagon R&D department.

APS controllers detect the employees’ BLE4 tags and transmit the tracking information wirelessly via the mesh-network structure to a main server located on sight. The main server sends the tracking information to the cloud via Ethernet or cellular modem.

Main Advantage: no need for Ethernet cables all the way to the controllers, saving cost and enabling quick positioning modifications which are common on any construction site.

At present, advanced technologies in Meptagon Group have completed 6 stations in their entirety in the Light Rail project in Tel Aviv.

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